Video:This is why #ArrestMosesKuria is trending

Posted: July 7, 2015 in Politics/Current issues


In case you are wondering why , then this is why. In a video posted online, he is heard asking anyone opposed to NYS to be chopped off with a panga.

The Gatundu South MP who has previously been accused of hate speech and incitement was speaking to youths in Gatundu using a mix of his native vernacular and Swahili. In the clip, the MP is telling the youth that the pangas they are holding are not only meant for slashing grass, but also for slashing those opposed to the NYS.

Of course this has not gone well with most Kenyans who are now demanding for his arrest for incitement.

Watch the clip below:

  1. newton says:

    Sincerely I think Moses Kuria is too much and should face the law!!otherwise disband this NCIC

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