#NyakundivsSafaricom: ”My fellow Kenyans – We are shallow and insincere and worse of all hypocritical” – Caroline Mutoko

Posted: July 10, 2015 in Politics/Current issues
Source: Caroline Mutoko's Official Facebook page

Source: Caroline Mutoko’s Official Facebook page

A few weeks ago, Safaricom sued a popular blogger claiming that he has defamed the company by posting baseless and unsubstantiated claims about the company on his blog.
This saw his followers start hashtags on social media to show support for him, but this did not go well with former Kiss 100 radio presenter Caroline Mutoko. According to her Nyakundi’s followers should have shown support to him by financially by helping raise his legal fees and even escorting him to court, but all she could Nyakundi got from his followers  was a trending.
Below is Mutoko’s post posted on her Facebook timeline which i totally agree with.

Poor Nyakundi – We are shallow, insincere and worst of all, hypocrites.

This nonsense with Nyakundi is hard to behold. Not the legal case – no that’s fine – let it run it’s course to it’s natural conclusion whichever that may be. I believe we must test the instruments of justice and our constitution to see if they can stand the test.

What I really can’t stomach is the pretentious “support’ for Nyakundi on social media.

As Nyakundi was headed to court I expected to see some real support – not lip or finger service but real support. Warm bodies around him. I expected to see all those who “stand” by him set up an Airtel Money line or an Orange Money line and raise his legal fees.

I expected to see a gang of “cheated” supporters escort Nyakundi to court.

I expected to see a massive drive on social media leading to lines outside Airtel and Orange stores as people ditched their Safaricom lines and opted for anything else. But no. All Nyakundi got was a trending hashtag.

As I watched NyakundivsSafaricom trend on twitter last night (08/07/2017) and then fade into nothing I got sad for Nyakundi and slowly like a boiling pot, I got really angry.

My fellow Kenyans – We are shallow and insincere and worse of all hypocritical.

All this yapping on Twitter. Done on Safaricom lines & yet no-one has offered to foot the bill for Nyakundi. Including Boni Mutetezi with this “supportive” tweet. Really? I was hoping everyone supporting him on Twitter would show up at the law courts, but alas – it was Jimnah Mbaru & Peter Kenneth all over again. Lots of noise on social media, no show where it matters.

In a libel case – the burden of proof is on the accused. One must prove & show evidence backing the statement/s made. I hurt for Nyakundi. He was probably used and now he is on his own. No-one even bothers to give him alittle free advice. No-one has told him that courts don’t take it kindly when one is trying to use public opinion to sway a court decision. Poor Nyakundi can’t even call witnesses to prove his case. None of you will show up anyway.

Worse still – he has already violated a gag order. He was not supposed to discuss Safaricom in any form or manner on any of his platforms. Only a lawyer or a “friend/supporter” with a legal mind would have made him understand that he is no longer at war with Safaricom – the judge is in-charge now and he is breaking the law. Mikhail – @Kosgeybett tweeted earlier today “Nyakundi busy violating a court order, the **** is yet to pull down the Safaricom defamation tweets.”. If only Nyakundi had a lawyer or a real friend. If only.

But the worst thing about all this is not our pretentious selfish nature. No. What’s really sad is that we will end up creating another bitter kid who does not trust anyone and has a lot of influence. From here onwards he will be selfish and only care about himself like a certain blogger who will remain unnamed. Worse still, this bitter kid will probably be used to spin shit in 2017.

I look at Boniface Mwangi and I see Nyakundi. I’m very fond of Boniface Mwangi, and he knows it, but sometimes all I see is a gun for hire – and I’m fine with it. We bailed out on Boniface when he needed us. We encouraged Boniface, re-tweeted and shared his stuff – but when he really needed our help, we stayed in our offices and gave him retweets and likes. Yeah that’s right – that’s who we are.

Please note that I have been to a police station to get Boniface and he remembers it even when I had forgotten.

You misled Nyakundi and when he got into trouble you bailed out….

That’s who we are. Martha Karua wanted to fight for rule of law, Peter Kenneth had a track record of delivering as an MP,  Jimnah Mbaru had a real plan and zeal for the job – but we elected people who had court cases in human rights violation and land grabbing and expected better. Let the courts handle NyakundivsSafaricom – what the rest of us need to do is introspect and ask ourselves how long and far will we go with this pretentious, hypocritical, shallow state of affairs? How long and who stands to lose and who gains. As I was having this conversation with a friend – he decided to show me that he clearly understood my disgust. He said:

“Let me tell you a story *pulls stool*
A friend, wants to pursue his dream of studying mechanical engineering in Russia. I didn’t know he didn’t have fees to get into the course cause he went last yearSo I was taken aback when he told me for a year he was learning Russian to be able to enroll into uni. So he started a campaign on-line to raise money for uni. I donated what I could last week in 5 minutes. The donation page has been viewed over 6K times. Only 10 donations. I see people urging others to donate and they haven’t even done it themselves, I’m like – What hypocrites. Same thing happening to Nyakundi.”

  1. shotsbynjaro says:

    I also Totally concur with her statements. Kenyans are cowards hiding behind their social media accounts

  2. Shadrack says:

    Hired guns? Yes
    Stupid? Yes

    You see, everyone on social media or almost everyone on social media knows Nyakundi is a hired gun. He defames safaricom but had their ads on his blog.

    This was just a case of a jilted lover. Safaricom knows the power of social media, after all its a corporate entity. They too know the power of the constitution and the courts.

    Safaricom has a social media team and a legal team. They work together. Nyakundi well, he only has his followers. A stream of keyboard warriors willing to throw a tirade of insults and teens hash tags in the name of activism.

    When it comes to advertising Nyakundi milks his followers for all their worth. They are his daily keep. Why would any of them walk down to a court of law to “support” someone who was well aware of their actions? Despite popular belief social media users have become enlightened – most of them though.

    So when he went down the road to publish information about a corporate giant who’s desired niche is his following then he started a war. Only he brought followers to a legal battle. What Nyakundi needs is to tame his thirst for popularity and controversy. He needs to understand that there’s more to activism than publishing unfounded stories. Yes maybe he does need a real friend.

    But then again if he can prove his claims then he’s got nothing to worry about. Otherwise he’ll just take the fall for whoever signed the cheque that paid for the stories.

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