#SomeoneTellCNN: #KOT lash out at CNN over “hotbed of terror” remarks

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Politics/Current issues


Kenyans on twitter or KOT Never stop to surprise us, they have taken to twitter to lash out at international broadcaster CNN after it referred to Kenya a ‘hotbed of terror’ ahead of President Barack Obama’s this weekend.

According to CNN, Al-Shabaab militants in East Africa are now posing new worries for Obama’s trip to Kenya. The broadcaster says in just the last week, the U.S. military has conducted nearly half a dozen secret air strikes in Somalia against al Qaeda’s Africa affiliate because U.S. intelligence indicated an attack against Kenyan troops there was imminent, according to defense officials.

Check the video below:

Although the Pentagon isn’t saying much about this CNNsays the strikes may be timed to the President’s visit.

Kenyans have not taken this lightly with the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN now trending worldwide.

Here are some the reactions:

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