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Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi

Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has in recent times come under attack from Parliament and leaders from across the country following reports of leaked 2015 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

The exams, which started early this month has seen most students get access to some of the examination papers before the exams creating a debate on the credibility of both the council and the exam itself.

On Friday, the chairman of the National Assembly’s Education Committee, Ms Sabina Chege who is also the Murang’a woman rep claimed that the police escorting the papers have been accused of opening them and sharing the exams with students on social media and platforms like WhatsApp, reports which the police spokesperson Charles Owino has come out strongly denying despite the fact that some police officers have been arrested over the same issue.

Parliament is now calling for the disbandment of KNEC saying it has failed in its mandate to ensure the exams are conducted in a transparent manner. Already, two Members of Parliament have already drafted a bill to have the examinations body disbanded in they say is the failure by KNEC to ensure credible examinations in the country.

At some instance, some legislators were calling for the cancellation of the exams following the massive leak.

Question is, just who is responsible for this massive leak of the examination papers? and how did the papers reach the students without being noticed? if the sealed papers were indeed opened, how did the exam invigilating officers fail to notice?

This is not the first time cases of exam leaks are being hear, this was the same case last year and even the previous years. What has KNEC and the education ministry been doing to seal this loopholes despite the numerous promises to Kenyans and candidates that it was doing to do so?

When the education cabinet Secretary Prof. Jacob Kaimeny appeared before the parliamentary Education Committee on yesterday, he defended his ministry from accusations that it had failed to play its part to stem exam cheating.He too accused unscrupulous police officers of opening examination papers and taking photographs of exam questions and sharing them with candidates and their parents through WhatsApp.

But one thing is clear, the KNEC and the Education Ministry need to do something for fair competition among students and schools. Maybe it is time to disband the body and have better people come do the job, on the other hand, KNEC can do better and seal this loopholes to avert future exam leaks.