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A recent opinion poll report by Infotrack revealed how the Jubilee government is strongly losing its popularity among Kenyans and in areas considered to be its strongholds.

According to the report, voters in areas considered to be Jubilee strongholds are fast losing confidence in the coalition with approval ratings for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government dipping significantly.

The report came at a time when the Jubilee government had been plagued by a number of corruption scandals that have continued to pain it in bad light. Jubilee government sympathizers might however be wondering why this is happening because to them everything was in good shape, well everything is not in good shape. In fact the Jubilee government has become a sinking corruption ship that needs to be brought back to the shores.

Corruption in the government has seen top Cabinet Secretaries step aside after being mention in corruption scandals in their respective ministries. It has seen money meant to help the economy grow allegedly being squandered by greedy leaders out to satisfy their selfish interest. It has led to billions of shillings being lost and lame excuses being given to justify this mega losses. What has the government, and the body mandated to fight corruption done? Absolutely nothing or little if any.

The latest claims of mismanagement of funds have engulfed the ministry of devolution where CS Ann Waiguru sits as the overall boss. First came loss of funds under mysterious circumstances, claims which she came out to dismiss but later came to agree that indeed money was lost. This saw several people in the ministry being sent home for their roles in trying to mint the large sums of tax payers money from the ministry.

Then came reports of her ministry spending money to buy office equipments at crazy prizes. Something with created public outcry from both Kenyans and leaders from the entire political divide, some of whom were very vocal in defending Ann Waiguru when the first corruption allegations were labeled against her and his ministry.

Calls for her to step aside have been coming from all over the corruption allegations in the Devolution Ministry. What Kenyans and even the oppositions have been asking is why just like the other cabinet Secretaries she cannot step aside to allow proper investigations to be carried out. Well, of course there are people who have been coming out to defend her. Let us leave that as it is and brainstorm on why the Jubilee government should remain a worried lot as the next general elections slowly approach.

A friend of mine who was a strong supporter of the Jubilee government warned me that President Uhuru Kenyatta might just be the first Kenyan president to only serve the country for one term. This means come 2017, he will be very surprised if he fails ‘’Miserably’’( if I can use his words), to convince Kenyans to give him a second chance. I asked him why he had a strong feeling about this and from our conversation corruption and the Jubilee manifesto kept popping out. If I should ask, has the Jubilee government stuck to its manifesto? There are people who might say it has fulfilled some bits of its promises to Kenyans, maybe YES maybe NO.

All the hype that the Jubilee came into power with died long time ago, a few months after they settled at State House. What happened to the laptop project, the new stadiums that Kenyans were promised? The country’s economy is at its worst; interest rates are at very high levels, the Kenyan shilling too.


County governments have instead of devolving services to the people decided to devolve corruption. Reports of Governors using county funds on unimportant things have been the order of the day, if they are not buying wheelbarrows at abnormal prizes; they are paying thousand of shillings to open social media pages or buying hospital beds and curtains at absurd costs.  This is all corruption and is painting county and the national governments badly.

Whoever said corruption is a disease was right, it is an infectious disease that has infected the Kenyan leadership from top to bottom. Unfortunately the people who are supposed to crack the whip by putting in place proper structures are letting Kenyans down, led by President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto and Members of Parliament.

These levels of corruption will have a great impact on the current leadership come the general elections if nothing is done,impacts which the Jubilee government and its entire leadership might not like.

So Dear Mr. President you still have time to clear this mess if you want Kenyans to support you come 2017 or else you might just be the first president to serve for one term as the president of Kenya.