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Security forces near victims killed in the Mandera Bus attack in which 28 people were killed

Security forces near victims killed in the Mandera Bus attack in which 28 people were killed

One is left literally speechless with the horrific killings of 28 people in Mandera on Saturday. Graphic tales by those who were spared are blood curdling and heart wrenching. The less  said of the photos of the bodies of the killed circulated with abandon in social sites the better. Meanwhile, news from Marsabit aren’t any better.
What’s worrying the more is what is appearing as the lack of the much needed attention by the President and his deputy. Granted, Cabinet Secretary Ole Lenku was (at least) giving his tired lines on it but that with deaths of such magnitude and manner, a higher authority was a necessity.

After the gory killings, they should have dropped everything else to mourn with other Kenyans and give the much needed impetus to the manhunt for the killers. Tweeting condolences and seemingly impotent threats to terrorits, while attending functions like fundraisers, isn’t enough. I can bet  that one again no head will roll. One only hope that the establishment isn’t sinking to being immune to such deadly attacks on our country.

Goofs didn’t end there.It was a new low for the Security apparatures when it was reported that they delayed going to the site of attack for fear of attacks. Are our security personell and weaponry that hollow? Then whats all these pretence of the same officers in “hot pursuit of the criminals who escaped by foot?”



It was all smiles for teachers who emerged winners in the interviews done in August for recruitment into the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Many of them had been through a heartbreaking wait for absorption to TSC.

However, their joy turned short-lived. Their patient wait for letters of formal employment turned to be a long one. And when the letters finally came, they were asked to report in January,2, 2015! That is four months after interviews.

I feel for that recruit who left his or her contract employment to run to school where he or she was recruited expecting that TSC will post letters soon. Some  were threatened by schools with dire consequences if they didn’t report that early. They recently broke for long holidays with bare hands.

Why does TSC take ages to vet the credentials of its recruits? Aren’t the rigorous interviews conducted at the local level suffice?

I bet TSC’s budgetary allocation from government for new teachers employment is enough to pay new recruits from as early as July. Certainly, there is more than meet the eye.

If her name sails through parliament and finally gets the President’s nod to chair TSC, Dr. Lydia Nzomo has a well cut clean up exercise.

By Guest Contributor Nicholas Cheruiyot, Bomet

The hounding of Orange Democratic Movement, ODM, party Executive Director  Magerer Langat out of a meeting, attended by party,leader Raila Odinga, on Thursday was a most foul, despicable act.

5_0The drama-filled footage of Magerer being frog jumped by some ODM’s Members of County Assembly, MCAs, of Nairobi  is so denting to the party’s image as well as that of party supremo Raila.  It is likely to ring in the minds of many for for long.

The archaic act puts to question the ability of Raila to steer the party that is is still smarting from the botched party elections. It doesn’t sit well that Raila, reputed as a political wizard, lacks loyalists who can give him intelligence on plans of heinous act of such grave magnitude. Even a boss of ,say, a tiny institution has informers who keep him or her abreast on office gossip thus able to pre-empt ugly scenarios. Why has Raila been caught off-gaurd in such quick successions?

Though to the perpetrators the move was a literal party clean up exercise, the violence did much harm to the party than good. It potrayed it further as one where rule of the jungle reigns. Even the alleged sentiments linked to Magerer to the effect that ODM is ripe for overhaul are far much better to the party than the MCA’s goon-like action. After all, ODM isn’t a fiefdom and Raila’s place in the party isn’t cast in stone.

New blood can resuscitate and give it a new lease of life.

By Guest Contributor Nicholas Cheruiyot, Bomet

By Nicholas Cheruiyot, Bomet.

Many questions abound over the directive by Deputy President William Ruto that all secondary schools heads let go of KCSE certificates that they hold as collateral for school fees unpaid by school leavers.


While its a welcome news to many form four leavers who yearn to have their certificates, it may rub respective secondary schools’ management the wrong way. Many schools are debt-ridden partly due to unpaid school fees and expenses like employing teachers to plug the yawning deficit that the government has failed to fill.

Has the government put in place  mechanisms to ensure that the plan will lead to a win-win situation for schools’ management, school leavers and the government? It remains to be seen whether the government will pay up all the debts that school leavers owes the schools. Only genuine cases of those who cannot pay up need be considered for fee waiver by government. If that isn’t done, the taxpayer risks paying school fees for parents and gaurdians who can do it.

What will stop unbehaved secondary schools students in their final year and the parents from not paying school fees if getting the crucial KCSE certificate is guaranteed? While the idea may be well intentioned, it may be hijacked by irresponsible people who think they can enjoy  schools’  facilities and leave without paying. What happens to others who need to use the schools facilities thereafter?

Another question that begs answers is whether Ruto’s order was just another road side one or a well thought out plan that has considered the feasibility of the idea. Not long ago the Dp ‘directed’ that power connection fee charges to remain the same but the reality is that the fee has now doubled. Will the latest one come to pass?

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