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This week has been one of those weeks Nairobians have spent hours in traffic.  Reason? Heavy rains that made roads in some parts of Nairobi impassable. Photos circulating online show what can only be described as a disaster, flooded roads and cars being washed away were the scenes we saw yesterday.

Sad thing is, even the Central Business District is one of those affected areas.

So here is the thing, why I am talking about this? I should have just gone straight to the point. #NairobiFloods was the hashtag that was trending on Twitter for the better part of yesterday evening. It should be trending today too. Kenyans took to social media attacking the Nairobi County Government led by The Governor Evans Kidero for its failure to protect these floods from causing the kind of havoc it caused yesterday.


Photo Credi: Lewis Bett (@MrLewisbett on Twitter)

During the last rains which worse than what we are seeing now, the County Government set aside a huge chunk of money for repairs.

To be exact, Kidero sets aside Sh50m to unclog Nairobi drainage. The government described the allocation as  emergency recovery fund for clearing blocked drains in a bid to avert a repeat of flooding and power blackouts experienced during the heavy rains.

We are now experiencing the same rains and the flooding is just bad. The effects are the same, from the flooding, the blackout just to mention a few. How was the Sh50m used? We don’t know…Was the unclogging done?..Well, maybe yes… Remember during the previous rains, apart from Kidero’s Sh.50m allocation,  the Ministry of Devolution also deployed 100,ooo National Youth Service servicemen to help  clear trenches.


Back to yesterday. We threw all manner of insults at the County Government, what we failed to understand is that we also have a role to play here. Early this year we had a huge online debate on how we Nairobians have become so careless and are littering all over. We don’t care about the environment…the future. It is until disaster happens, when we start feeling the effects of us contributing to this mess. It is then that we remember oooh..we have the County Government that should have done this and that…oooh Kidero should explain to us how the El Nino disaster funds was utilised….Ooooh Corruption is why Nairobi County has poor drainage. Yes we have a right to ask all these questions, I mean Kidero is the governor and he needs to be accountable for every penny spent. But why are forgetting our roles in this? Or we just don’t care….


Do we need more accountability from the County Government? Yes, money was allocated and we need to know where and how it was used.

What can we do? As much as we are blaming Kidero we should stop littering. We are the biggest contributors here too.

So Governor Kidero do your job and show us how our money was used. Nairobians help keep the city clean to avoid seeing the scenes we are seeing now. Even if we have a good drainage but we have all these plastic bags and bottles being thrown all over, what difference is that going to bring?






Granted, environmental care must be any government’s priority but the manner and timing of the renewed eviction of squatters in parts of Mau Narok leaves alot to be desired. The government has chosen to forcefully evict them at a time when heavy rains are pounding the region so hard to an extent that , unfortunately , flash floods were witnessed in Narok town on Tuesday. Attendant to the rains is obvious biting cold. Is the timing meant to ensure that the squatters are hit severely?

Video footages of fire ravaging huts and billowing smoke as the squatters are  driven away doesn’t at all auger with the Jubilee Coalition’s top brass much hyped “humane eviction and resettlement of squatters” which was a refrain from them during campaigns. Didn’t Deputy President William Ruto made a name for himself by speaking vehemently against the earlier one led by former. Premier Raila ? I remember Dp Ruto flied from a Cabinet meeting in Mombasa to tents of evictees of Mau and even shed a tear there after the Raila-led forest reclamation initiative. What has changed?

It can be argued that the evictees have been adamant about earlier quit notices but that in no way justify throwing people, especially innocent children and the aged, into the dangerous cold.

Nicholas Cheruiyot, Bomet.

The Kenyan Government has today deregistered 510 NGOs. 15 of the NGOs are alleged to be financing terrorism in the country. The government has also gone ahead to freeze their accounts.

The 15 however have not been highlighted according to the list provided

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The government has also revoked number of work permits of foreigners. It says that the deregistered NGOs have never filed their returns.

Here is the full list of the 150 NGOs, download it here FULL LIST OF THE DEREGISTERED NGOs


County chief of staff Douglas Mbilo is led away after a bullet grazed his head. PHOTO (Nation Media Group)

County chief of staff Douglas Mbilo is led away after a bullet grazed his head. PHOTO (Nation Media Group)

Last week, there was so much drama in Makueni  where Five people were shot and seriously injured in a gunfight at the Makueni County Assembly. The county Assembly leaders had gathered at the grounds of the assembly, apparently for prayers, before proceeding to a public rally at which the governor Kivutha Kibwana was to be criticized allegedly for condoning graft.

The drama was blamed on leadership wrangles at the county level. What happened was sheer barbarism and hooliganism which should not happen in any other county in the country.

Things seem to getting out of hand and and The Council of Governors has stepped in. It now says  it will recommend the dissolution of Makueni County govt if arbitration fails to unite the county’s leadership.

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto, the chairman of the council, says that governors would meet on Monday to deliberate on the matter. If agreed on this will mean Makueni people will have to go to the polls and elect an new set of leaders.

Under Article 192 of the Constitution the President is allowed to suspend a county government in an emergency arising out of internal conflict or war. The suspension shall not extend beyond a period of ninety days and on the expiry of the period, elections for the relevant county government shall be held.

Governors want to use this to petition the President to suspend the Makueni County government.

Well, is this the right move? do you support the dissolution of Makueni or any other county government simply because the leaders don’t agree?

Makueni’s governot Kivutha Kibwana already thinks the county government should be dissolved as nothing seems to be working.



Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria wants bank accounts of counties supporting the push for a referendum frozen.

According to a story published in the Standard, the MP has threatened to present a Motion in Parliament seeking to freeze the bank accounts of counties whose governors are fronting the Pesa Mashinani referendum campaign.

He argues that, that some governors are using public resources to campaign for the referendum. According to him, the move to freeze these accounts would ensure public resources are not misused by the governors to popularise the referendum at the expense of development.

Well, their might be so many questions arising on the source of funding for the referendum exercise, but freezing bank accounts??

So, do you agree with Moses Kuria? Do you think county bosses supporting the referendum using public resources to campaign for the referendum?