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Just the other day President Uhuru Kenyatta in an address to the nation said that he had agreed to form a team that would seek to end the current stalemate on IEBC.

According to the president, he made the decision following consultations with speakers of the Senate and the National Assembly and religious leaders.

“A joint select committee of both Houses of Parliament will be set up in accordance with Standing Orders of both Houses with keen mandate exclusively limited to the matter of IEBC,” The President said.

He also called on the opposition, CORD to soften their stand on the issue and agree on seeking the resolutions on the matter. CORD has however rejected the proposal by President Uhuru Kenyatta to form a Joint Select Committee of Parliament to spearhead talks on the issues surrounding the IEBC. The opposition says as much as the move is aiming at trying to come  up with a solution to the stalemate, it does not cater for CORD’s demand for an out-of-Parliament dialogue process.

As this is happening, Peter Kenneth, former MP for Gatanga has joined in in calling for the IEBC commissioners. Through a Facebook post on his wall, Peter Kenneth there are still serious doubts over IEBC’s credibilty to run the next general elections. He says the commission cannot be trusted to preside over a free and fair elections.

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Below is the post


It’s time

It’s time for you to step down and let the country move forward, how many more people shall die, get injured, businesses destroyed?

There are serious doubts over IEBC’s ability to preside over a free election in this country, without the results being clouded with doubts.

It you have not noticed the political debate is no longer about whether you will leave but the mechanics of your exit and how to replace you.

Forget the politics; forget the protests-the ultimate truth is your exit is already a foregone conclusion. It is a matter of when not if.

Do the honourable thing. EXIT

Save the government the tear gas and the bullets; save the protesters the energy and tears and the country the pointless drama.

Do the honourable thing. EXIT

Put country first; The country is Greater.

From left: Issack Hassan, James Oswago and Davis Chirchir. (Source: Business Daily?

From left: Issack Hassan, James Oswago and Davis Chirchir. (Source: Business Daily?

By now you must have heard about what could just turn out to be one the biggest corruption scandals in this country. A scandal involving Kenyan election officials and a British Printing company Smith & Ouzman that had been contracted to supply election materials ahead of the 2013 General elections.

According to an expose published by the Business Daily, United Kingdom prosecutors have filed in court loads of written evidence implicating senior Kenyan election officials in what has been termed as one of the best documented international corruption networks in Kenya’s history. Interestingly, the corruption ring includes Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan who has always been on record dismissing any corruption allegations that have previously been leveled against the commission.

Smith & Ouzman is said to have paid millions to IIEC officials to win printing tenders ahead of the hotly contested last General election.

The scale of the corruption alleged by the prosecution according to the UK prosecutor Mark Bryant-Heron  is worth £349,057.39 which amounts to Sh50 million back here in Kenya,”

For many of the printing contracts the expose says costs were inflated by up to 38 per cent.

UK’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) after investigating the matter revealed that top IIEC officials, the predecessor of IEBC,  asked for bribes using the code name ‘chicken’ to facilitate Smith & Ouzman’s to win seven tenders to supply election materials.  Materials such as ballot papers, voter registration forms, voter ID cards and nomination forms.

Davis Chirchir, the current Energy Cabinet Secretary in the Jubilee government who also worked as a senior manager at the IIEC when these deals were being conducted has also been mentioned as one of the beneficiary of this damning scandal. Suspended IEBC chief executive James Oswago, former Judiciary registrar Gladys Boss Shollei (deputy CEO), lawyer Kennedy Nyaundi (commissioner), Kenneth Karani (senior procurement officer) and the finance director also top the list of the people who ate this ”chicken”.

Smith & Ouzman was single-sourced by the IEBC to print ballot papers and supply other electoral materials ahead of the March 2013 General Election, and now this scandal now puts the integrity of IIEC into question.

The same Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission is now asking for Sh200 million from the government for voter registration.

Well, now you know.

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