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Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has joined calls in calling for the disbandment of the IEBC.  The governor also condemned the ugly scenes that were witnessed yesterday during demonstrations by the opposition. He said expressed his dismay at the use by excessive force by the police towards demonstrators.

The scenes witnessed yesterday have sparked a debate over the Police brutality with Kenyans condemning them.


Below is Kidero’s statement;

‘’I strongly condemn yesterday’s reckless and excessive use of force by the Kenyan Police to disperse peaceful demonstrators who have been calling for the removal of Commissioners at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) and which has now led to the death of one of the protestors.

The violence exhibited yesterday undermines the gains made by Nairobi as the City to invest, work and live in. Investors thrive in an environment where they have confidence that the rule of law will be upheld and their properties will not be looted or destroyed. Everything should be done to ensure this confidence is not eroded as the city also prepares to host the second United Nations Environment Assembly and UNCTAD/TICAD conferences.

I am dismayed at the use of excessive force towards the demonstrators who were exercising their constitutional rights. This was totally uncalled for, the police are expected to protect wananchi and nothing can justify the physical attacks on peaceful demonstrators who were expressing themselves in a manner allowed by the Kenyan constitution. The government must immediately send clear instructions to the Police to stop this excessive use of force and prosecute officers who have used extreme force against protestors. The Kenyan government must respect the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in Kenya.

IEBC must be disbanded they cannot be trusted to oversee free and fair elections.’’

In the meantime, the Inspector General of Police has ordered an internal investigations to the excessive use of force by the police yesterday.

‘’I condemn the lawlessness visited on the public by rioters yesterday and an internal inquiry is underway to determine to determine whether any police officer broke any law while quelling the riots’’ the Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet told reporters.



There was a hashtag, #WaitituExposed that has been trending on Twitter for two days now. The reason behind this is the validity of Kabete MP Ferdiand Waititu’s University Degree.

Waititu is a ”Graduate” of Punjab University in India, well, at least that is according to him. Nobody knows the truth about this apart from Punjab University who have come out denying having Hon.Waititu as their student.

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has filed certification documents which show Ferdinand Waititu never stepped into Punjab University.  The documents are contained in affidavit filed by Kabogo’s lawyer Issa Mansur which allege that Waititu used his brother’s name Clifford Waititu in the certificates he is claiming are his.

‘’The name of Ferdinand Waititu is not in on record as a student of B.Com Degree course during the academic sessions 1985-86 to 1987-88.” The documents say.

“The name of the student having registration No. 85-GC-555 is Clifford Ndung’u Waititu during the academic session 1985-86, 1986-87 and 1987-88 for B.Com through degree course.”

It’s actually not the first time Waititu’s university degree has raised questions, I also remember it generating a huge debate before the last general elections. If these allegations are true then this means Waititu has been using his brother’s degree certificates all along.

Well, it looks like this debate is not going to end anytime soon.

Source: Capital FM



Opposition leader Raila Odinga has finally unveiled the much awaited list of people he claims were involved in the Eurobond Saga.  The CORD principal made the announcement today a a press conference at Serena hotel accompanied by leaders from his party.

Here is the list of the eight people the CORD leader says are ‘persons of in interest’ in the saga

  1. Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich
  2. Treasury Principal Secretary Kamau Thuge
  3. Former Central Bank (CBK) Governor Njuguna Ndungu
  4. Central Bank Chairman (CBK) Jairus Nyaoga
  5. Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua
  6. CBK Acting Director, in charge of Financial Markets department  John K. Birech.
  7. Moses Muthui
  8. Benard Ndungu.

Raila Odinga also wants JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to provide information on the Eurobond “lest they find themselves implicated”. He termed the Eurobond saga as theft that has never seen before in our country saying the Eurobond money has been stolen in an elaborate scheme led by Kenyan government.

“We expect top Treasury officials to step aside and an international forensic firm appointed to investigate the Eurobond transactions,” he said.

He added that the eight should take responsibility for the Sh250 billion Eurobond money which cannot be accounted for.



It is the top trending topic in Africa today, and it has left many people wondering what democracy some African countries and leaders practice. Early today, two presidential hopefuls in Uganda, former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and leading opposition figure Kizza Besigye were arrested while attempting to launch their campaigns for the 2016 presidential elections.

Prior to his arrest, Mr Mbabazi had been warned by police not to hold the meetings.

He was arrested and detained by police after travelling outside Kampala, to hold public consultations  over is planned presidential bid. Kizza Besigye , on the hand was arrested at his home in Kasangati, central Uganda.  Mr Besigye was planning to attend a rally to confirm his candidacy to run for the presidency under the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party.

According to Uganda’s news site News Vision, shortly after arresting him, the police drove Besigye towards Naggalama where he was later taken in.

So what message is President Museveni trying to send out?  Besigye for example has gone through so much torture under president Museveni whenever he opposes him. It is not the first time the opposition leader has been arrested and taken in. President Museveni has been in power since 1986 and is expected to seek a fourth term in next year’s poll; doesn’t he think it now time he allowed other people to seek the position? Being an African leader, with a typical African leader mentality the guess is so obvious.

Museveni has turned out to be a dictator and unfortunately, the Ugandans are entertaining this. What he needs to know is that the era of dictatorial governing like that of Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin are long gone.

Critics and opposition is here to stay and the Ugandan president should learn to live with that. One wonders if in Uganda, it is a crime to aspire to be a president when President Kaguta Museveni is still alive.

When we as Kenyan and other East Africans see what is happening in Uganda, it breaks our hearts Just as one George Ayittey said, ‘’Getting rid of the dictator is only a first step in establishing a free society. The dictatorship must also be disassembled.’’

It is time for leaders like Museveni to know that times have change and for this change to take effect, the people of Uganda must stand out to fight for their rights.



Kenyans are carrying a heavy load of corruption. One name that keeps coming up in most of the cases of fraud, corruption, theft of public land, diversion of public funds and violation of procurement and tender rules is that of Deputy President Mr William Ruto.

However, yesterday, the DP said he has no apology to make over the scam at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret where he is accused of hijacking the procurement process and inflating the bill before trying to divert the funds to set up a personal institution.

We are not surprised. Ruto has no apologies on very many issues. He has no apology to make on having been involved in grabbing land of an elderly neighbor who was also an IDP, Mr Adrian Muteshi’s land in Eldoret.

Ruto’s name featured in the grabbing of Langata Primary School playground and the adjacent plot belonging to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) where Weston Hotel stands. He had no apologies. He had no apology to make over the tear gassing of school children. Ruto’s was accused of grabbing the Kenya Pipeline land in Nairobi. His name featured in the grabbing of Prisons land in upper Hill area. He featured in the grabbing of Processional Way in Nairobi. In all these, he has had no apologies to make.

The story of Kenya Pipeline land, like that of Adrian Muteshi’s, is particularly painful. It is a touching story of heartlessness. Mr Linus Cheruiyot, then the MD, who was forced to sign away the land, had to run away to the US where he lives on the edge today despite his sound education. He could not countenance the idea of going to jail over land that he was forced to sign away.

Today, Ruto’s name has featured in attempts to divert public money to build a private hospital.And Ruto has the audacity to blame Raila Odinga for being mentioned in yet another scandal. Scandal is Ruto’s other name. We are shocked that Ruto thinks he has some credibility to protect.

Ruto knows he is deep in the scandal of the hospital. That is why he is talking of taking political war to RailaOdinga and saying nothing about corruption. Yet the issue here is an attempt to divert public funds and manipulate procurement rules for private gain.

Ruto knows he has deep ties to Mr Herbert Ojwang, the man who blew the whistle on him. There must be a reason Ruto is dodging Mr Ojwang and going for Raila. Ruto knows what Mr Ojwang knows.

William Ruto is an angry man. He is getting desperate. He wants to blame his and Jubilee’s problems on everyone except themselves. Two days ago, Jubilee senators blamed Prof Anyang Nyongo for the plans to upgrade MTRH. Yesterday, Ruto blamed Raila Odinga. The other day, Jubilee leaders were blaming newspapers for their woes.

Ruto has to realize that leadership involves taking responsibility for both the successes and failures of a nation. You cannot blame your opponent for ever. Ruto must know that his anger and thirst for revenge is bad for the country. He needs to take urgent lessons in anger management even if he chooses to retain his thirst for public resources.

Ruto must know that you cannot govern a nation through lies and distortions for five years. Ruto lied that Raila took him to The Hague. He has since changed and blamed Nancy Gitau, Francis Kimemia and Mutea Iringo, Gideon Moi and Isaac Ruto.

Kenyans will not allow Mr Ruto to use Raila for their problems. If you steal land, you must carry the cross. If you divert public funds to fight political battle with a woman who is in your Cabinet, you must bear the blame and shame. Ruto must bear the cross of his anger, recklessness and appetite for public goodies.

Dated this 14th May, 2015

Read by Ogla Karani,
Deputy National Treasurer for
Hon. John Mbadi
National Chairman

The Chinese Restaurant in Nairobi which has been closed by county authorities (Source: Daily Nation)

The Chinese Restaurant in Nairobi which has been closed by county authorities (Source: Daily Nation)

It is still the number one topic on every Kenyan lips now. The Chinese restaurant that is being accused of not allowing Africans past 5pm.

The Nairobi county government has now closed the Chinese restaurant with investigations on how the restaurant operated without the three crucial documents for three years currently underway.
The restaurant has come out strongly, defending its decisions and even apologizing. Below is the statement, read it and share your thoughts:
”Our restaurant has been operating in Kenya legally for many years. We have been receiving and treating all customers equally. We have never discriminated anyone or treat anyone differently, and in future we shall never do this too. Since the opening of the restaurant, the dishes and services we have provided are very much appreciated by the local people. Many local customers come and dine at our restaurant. We have also employed local chefs to make local food. Recently, because of concerns of the business environment at night, we adopted certain measures. Unfortunately, some of the measures were inappropriate, which had led to misunderstandings and caused inconvenience to a small number of customers. We deeply apologize for this. Later on, we shall take more advice and modestly accept suggestions from all the customers, and continue to try our best to provide excellent service to all our respected customers.”
Share your thoughts.

#GraftDiaries, that is the number one trending topic in Kenya now among Kenyans on Twitter, #KOT as they are commonly known. Of course this comes after yesterday’s news item on KTN about the corruption allegations that have recently marred members of the national assembly’s committee.


The members have been in the spotlight over political conspiracies to doctor parliaments investigative reports either for rent seeking or shielding their cronies from being mentioned adversely.

Currently Members of the public accounts committee are being investigated by the powers and privileges committee over claims of bribery and extortion to alter sensitive reports or misplace key files.

So just what is ailing this country? Corruption continues to be a disease and the sad thing is the same government that promised to fight it is doing nothing about it.

Vladimir Putin once said, those who fight corruption should first be clean themselves. Is this the case in our dear country? Both the anti-corruption commission and our leaders are only working to satisfy their selfish interests. It is all about ”Scratch my back, I scratch yours”

Corruption is costing us too much as a country, it is bleeding Kenya to death. It is corruption that make terrorists find their way easily into this country, the same corruption makes the cost of living go high, It is killing innocent Kenyans on our roads. This are just among the many ugly things that are happening under the watch of the government, the same government that is supposed to be ensuring there is transparency everywhere.

The Orange Democratic Movement’s national executive committee has now challenged the speaker of the national assembly Justin Muturi to dissolve all committee’s and allow for thorough investigations.As i had indicated in my previous post, the same should be extended to all public offices.

Alan Greenspan also once said, Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere. It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not. What successful economies do is keep it to a minimum. No one has ever eliminated any of that stuff, but the Jubillee administration has to prove this point wrong.
In case you missed the KTN news item, here it is
What does the president want us to do to show him that we are indeed tired? His administration is so out of control. It is so bloated and infested with fraud and deceit and corruption and abuse of power. He needs to do something.