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As the date between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the International Criminal Court nears, the president has today the most anticipated State of The Nation adress.

As expected, the focus was mosty on ICC and he has confirmed that he indeed will be attending the Status conference at the Hague. He said is going to the Hague as Uhuru Kenyatta the person and not as the President of Kenya.

”I have chosen not to put the sovereignty of this nation on trial” he said

The president said  he has not interfered with the ICC prosecutor’s investigations; ”my govt has cooperated fully” . This is of course contrary to the ICC prosecution which has always accused the Kenyan government of failing to corperate.

In regard to the accusations  made against him, the president said his conscience  is clear, has been clear and will remain clear that he innocent of all accusations labelled against him. The president is being accused of

The Deputy President William Ruto will now be working as Acting President for the duration the President  will be away attending his. An announcement the the President made during the same State of the Nation Adress.  According to Uhuru Kenyatta, decision to hand power to his deputy is meant to ensure that the sovereignty and democratic will of Kenyans will not be subjected to a foreign jurisdiction.

Meanwhile From the ‪‎ICC‬ regarind DP Ruto and radio journalist Joshua Sangs’ case, the Appeals Chamber is set to decide on the appeal against Trial Chamber decision summonsing witnesses to appear.


County chief of staff Douglas Mbilo is led away after a bullet grazed his head. PHOTO (Nation Media Group)

County chief of staff Douglas Mbilo is led away after a bullet grazed his head. PHOTO (Nation Media Group)

Last week, there was so much drama in Makueni  where Five people were shot and seriously injured in a gunfight at the Makueni County Assembly. The county Assembly leaders had gathered at the grounds of the assembly, apparently for prayers, before proceeding to a public rally at which the governor Kivutha Kibwana was to be criticized allegedly for condoning graft.

The drama was blamed on leadership wrangles at the county level. What happened was sheer barbarism and hooliganism which should not happen in any other county in the country.

Things seem to getting out of hand and and The Council of Governors has stepped in. It now says  it will recommend the dissolution of Makueni County govt if arbitration fails to unite the county’s leadership.

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto, the chairman of the council, says that governors would meet on Monday to deliberate on the matter. If agreed on this will mean Makueni people will have to go to the polls and elect an new set of leaders.

Under Article 192 of the Constitution the President is allowed to suspend a county government in an emergency arising out of internal conflict or war. The suspension shall not extend beyond a period of ninety days and on the expiry of the period, elections for the relevant county government shall be held.

Governors want to use this to petition the President to suspend the Makueni County government.

Well, is this the right move? do you support the dissolution of Makueni or any other county government simply because the leaders don’t agree?

Makueni’s governot Kivutha Kibwana already thinks the county government should be dissolved as nothing seems to be working.



Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria wants bank accounts of counties supporting the push for a referendum frozen.

According to a story published in the Standard, the MP has threatened to present a Motion in Parliament seeking to freeze the bank accounts of counties whose governors are fronting the Pesa Mashinani referendum campaign.

He argues that, that some governors are using public resources to campaign for the referendum. According to him, the move to freeze these accounts would ensure public resources are not misused by the governors to popularise the referendum at the expense of development.

Well, their might be so many questions arising on the source of funding for the referendum exercise, but freezing bank accounts??

So, do you agree with Moses Kuria? Do you think county bosses supporting the referendum using public resources to campaign for the referendum?


A crowd awaits food distribution at Pibor town, South Sudan. (Photo source: IRIN/Hannah McNeish)

A crowd awaits food distribution at Pibor town, South Sudan. (Photo source: IRIN/Hannah McNeish)

Yesterday the South Sudan government made one of the most unexpected announcement. The War-torn country banned the employment of all foreign workers, including aid workers and ordered they be replaced by locals.

“All non-governmental organisations, private companies, banks, insurance companies, telecommunication companies, petroleum companies, hotels and lodges working in South Sudan are directed to notify all the aliens working with them in all the positions to cease working as from 15th October,” said a government statement, that was also published in several newspapers.

According to the order,  organisations and companies should advertise all the positions so that they can be filled by “competent South Sudanese nationals”.

This order comes despite warnings that the country, which has been gripped by civil war for the past nine months, is on the brink of famine. Question is, is this the right move by the South Sudan Government?

The country is heavily dependent on foreign aid groups for humanitarian assistance for millions of  people who have been internally displaced by the conflict in the country.  It is estimated that by 2015, South  could easily tip into famine. The aid effort being done by most aid organisations is huge and needs to be boosted especially now that the situation is dire.

The country suffers from a major shortage of skilled workers, with only around a quarter of the population being able to read and write.Workers from regional neighboring countries like Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Sudan and Uganda, provide key services, in the country.

For a new country just emerging from nearly a half century of violent conflict, this order is just so disturbing.  According to a report by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), People in South Sudan face urgent humanitarian and development needs. It is estimated that more than 800,000 people had been displaced from their homes by late February 2014. Thousands have been killed or wounded in the fighting. Hundreds of thousands have lost livelihoods and access to basic services. Around 3.7 million South Sudanese are facing acute food insecurity.

Several development partners, have been trying to restore basic  livelihoods and assistance through helping rebuild the countries infrastructure. But now they are being ordered out.

According to South Sudan’s Information Minister Michael Makuei  who spoke to AFP the the order only covers “jobs South Sudanese can do”.

Well, is this the right move by the country?


President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto with Jubilee Senators at State House (Standard)

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto with Jubilee Senators at State House (Standard)

Your Senator could soon be earning a total of Sh2.4 million a month from their current  Sh532,000 basic salary if a proposal by 67 legislators to increase their allowances is accepted 

The Senators are asking for an increase in their allowances running into millions of shillings. This allowances they say is necessary to serve the public. This new demands will cover their office expenses and a special allowance, one-off allocation to furnish their offices and buy off-road vehicles.

According to a proposed pay structure seen by the Nation Newspaper which  is expected to be submitted to the PSC on Thursday for approval,each senator will get Sh780,000 for “personnel emoluments”, while senators in counties with more than four constituencies will earn 10 per cent more for each additional constituency, meaning, a senator representing a county with 10 constituencies will be paid an additional Sh468,000.

Another proposal is Sh420,000 a month for “office consumables and operations”. This will presumably go to pay for office items such as stationery and tea.

They are also demanding for a Sh500,000 “county allowance” to be given to the 47 elected senators. Now they want a Sh168,000 monthly allocation for office rent in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, and Sh140,000 for other counties.

Elected senators are asking that taxpayers buy them four-wheel-drive cars, which will remain parked at the county offices when the lawmakers are in Nairobi.

In total, the lawmakers could get at least Sh2.4 million — and a nice car. (Source: Nation

Well, welcome to Kenya, This are the same Senators who have in the past condemned MCAs and governors for being greed. Does greed have a different meaning now?. Come to think of it, What have senators done for us lately or even since it was set up?

Now they want to milk Kenyans off their money by asking for this hefty perks. Doctors are going on strike for nor being payed. Teachers also have issued a 21 day notice for the same reason, not being payed. 



By Nixon Kanali, 

There was shock in Mombasa on Tuesday evening following the discovery of a massive car bomb which anti-terror experts believe had been transported to the town to commit what would have turned out to be one among the deadliest terrorist attacks in Kenya.

In-built Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) welded to the floor and back seat of the Toyota Hilux registration number KAN 410E left so many Kenyans in shock. Police found six grenades, an AK 47 assault rifle, 270 bullets; six cylindrical bombs weighing 10 kilogrammes each, 5 magazines, 6 detonators, a Nokia cell phone and 6 electronic cables and reports suggest that the occupants of the car were surveying targets in Mombasa for about a week after meeting their contacts in the coastal city.


Five of the six cylinder explosive bombs, one AK 47 and six hand grenade on display after being disabled at Coast provincial police headquarters in this picture taken on 18 March 2014. Photo Source:Daily Nation

Yesterday, the Over 170kg of powerful TNT bombs were destroyed in a massive but controlled explosion in Mtwapa area of Kilifi County. Residents say the explosions  were heard 20 kilometers away.


Smoke billows from the quarry where pipe bombs were destroyed at Mtwapa. Photo Source: Daily Nation

Intelligence officials have warned that two terror suspects who were found with the car and are currently being detained in Mombasa were part of an 11-person Al-Qaeda-trained squad on a mission to commit a massive terror campaign in Kenya. They are said to have entered the country early this month

Intelligence officials also  believe Fuad Abubakar Manswab, a Kenyan fugitive from Mombasa who has links to the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular, is behind the alleged terror plot. Fuad, is facing terrorism charges in absentia alongside Briton Jermaine Grant, is said to have fled to Somalia after jumping bail about two years ago. He is believed to be staying in Yemen or the Gedo region of Somalia.

According to experts, the explosion was to be launched in a basement or crowded place by either radio waves generated by a cellphone found in the car or electric current from the car’s battery. The bomblets would then ignite secondary explosions and send pellets in all directions for maximum damage to human life.

Key anti-terror unit crippled by lack of funding

This comes amidst Police Inspector-General David Kimaiyo Tuesday’s admission that the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit was underfunded and that the lack of funding had not affected counter-terrorism work. How do we expect to fight terrorism of we cannot put up enough machinery to counter it?

The country recently suffered one of its worst terror attacks, the westgate shopping mall and it is expected after that the government should have put enough measure to avoid any future attacks. When the IG admits to lack of funding in the anti-terror unit of the police the we have so many reasons to be worry about as a country.

According to a September report by the US Congressional Research Service, Kenya is one of the top five global recipients of US State Department anti-terrorism funding. Last year, the US gave Kenya about Sh658 million for training and equipment. The British government has also contributed vehicles to the unit.

What happened in Mombasa has caused so much panic not only in Mombasa but also in major towns in the country. Who know how many more explosives have entered the country? The government needs to treat this matter seriously and more investigations carried out to ensure safety in the country.