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President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto with Jubilee Senators at State House (Standard)

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto with Jubilee Senators at State House (Standard)

Your Senator could soon be earning a total of Sh2.4 million a month from their current  Sh532,000 basic salary if a proposal by 67 legislators to increase their allowances is accepted 

The Senators are asking for an increase in their allowances running into millions of shillings. This allowances they say is necessary to serve the public. This new demands will cover their office expenses and a special allowance, one-off allocation to furnish their offices and buy off-road vehicles.

According to a proposed pay structure seen by the Nation Newspaper which  is expected to be submitted to the PSC on Thursday for approval,each senator will get Sh780,000 for “personnel emoluments”, while senators in counties with more than four constituencies will earn 10 per cent more for each additional constituency, meaning, a senator representing a county with 10 constituencies will be paid an additional Sh468,000.

Another proposal is Sh420,000 a month for “office consumables and operations”. This will presumably go to pay for office items such as stationery and tea.

They are also demanding for a Sh500,000 “county allowance” to be given to the 47 elected senators. Now they want a Sh168,000 monthly allocation for office rent in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu, and Sh140,000 for other counties.

Elected senators are asking that taxpayers buy them four-wheel-drive cars, which will remain parked at the county offices when the lawmakers are in Nairobi.

In total, the lawmakers could get at least Sh2.4 million — and a nice car. (Source: Nation

Well, welcome to Kenya, This are the same Senators who have in the past condemned MCAs and governors for being greed. Does greed have a different meaning now?. Come to think of it, What have senators done for us lately or even since it was set up?

Now they want to milk Kenyans off their money by asking for this hefty perks. Doctors are going on strike for nor being payed. Teachers also have issued a 21 day notice for the same reason, not being payed.